Thursday, July 15, 2010

Say What?

Speaking of the new immigration laws like the one just put in place in Arizona -  here is a poem I wrote a year or so ago to try to put into understanding a blurb I read on what the feds wanted to do to a previous law on the books.  first is the blurb then what I think it was really saying...
DHS seeks approval on employment verification rule fix By Kasie Hunt, CongressDaily
The Homeland Security Department made changes this week to rules governing how employers must respond when a worker provides employment information that does not match government records, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said today. The changes are designed to address the concerns of Judge Charles Breyer of San Francisco, who last year blocked the department's no-match program -- an initiative that would open companies employing illegal immigrants to criminal prosecution if they receive a no-match letter from the government. Chertoff said the department will take the new rules back to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California and ask Breyer to lift the injunction. "This week, I signed the final rule that revises the original rule and addresses the issues that the court raised," Chertoff said. "We will ask the court to lift the injunction and let us proceed with implementation of the rule."

I read this news article and loved the gobbledygook way they tried to explain what they did. I still do not completely understand what was said and I probably got it all wrong but I loved playing with their words. Again – sorry it is not very PC

I signed the rule
That revised the tool
That addressed all the issues raised
We must lift the injunction
That impedes the function
That Homeland Security praised
And those paperwork shirkers
With illegal workers
Will not be subjected to fines
And the wet-back Hispanic
Do not need to panic
When standing in employment lines
To solve illegal migration
We as a nation
Must go back to Congress once more
And ask that our border
Be brought back to order
And end it with a “Por Favor”.


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