Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A John Named George

Did you ever notice that once someone big leaves political office, someone in each state finds something to name after that person.  Some of the proposals are right on the money and so very appropriate.  Here is one that some might question while others applaud.

Movement to Rename Sewage Plant After Bush Gains Steam in San Francisco  ~ A renegade voter movement to rename a San Francisco Sewage Plant after President Bush is flush with support - -

As Presidents go, this one has been blessed
With grassroots support from the guys in the West
They want to highlight the highs of his former reign
By putting his name on their State-of-Art drain
They want this on a ballot and expect it to pass
This movement is fluid, this movement has gas
“This makes every toilet a shrine to George Bush
A salute to the man with each plant of your tush”
Affluent – effluent, both linked to his rule
Which better describes him, the tool or the stool?
Insult or praise from the Looney-bin folks
It will go on the ballot, will it get enough votes?
While his pundits don’t describe him as dapper
Can we still put his name on this San Fran crapper?
The sewage plant owners get the joke so they say
They just wish this movement could just slip away
They know there’ll be rumblings but they don’t want to stain
This man’s contributions with his name on their drain


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