Thursday, February 4, 2010

This Day in History - Feb 4th

The year was 1959 – the Barbie Doll was born
Kids thought it just a doll – Critics called it porn
Created by Ruth Handler – a founder of Mattel
She named it for her daughter – was she endowed as well
And later when the Ken doll was brought into the light
She named it for her little boy – who never seemed quite right

The year was 1938 when Disney showed the world
What 7 little guys would do with one Snow White – a girl
They held her in a cabin way back in the woods
Made her cook and clean for them and pick up all their goods
Then somewhere in the story – she faked her own demise
A prince came to her rescue – the dwarfs were none the wise

The PLO was founded in 1969
Yasir thought it would unite divided Palestine
But peace – it did not happen and is not close at hand
They haven’t got a home yet – they just squat on Israel’s land

Patty Hearst was kidnapped in 1974
By the SLA from Berkley if you’re keeping score
They thought they had a gold mine with ransom money on the way
Then she showed up in the photos when they robbed the bank one day
Our Pat was disillusioned and so she joined the crew
And gladly fought against “the man” like all good terrorists do
But when the girl was captured she changed her sweet refrain
“I really didn’t have a choice – you know they washed my brain!”

Mdailey  02/04/08

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