Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suit and Tie

I wrote this the other night. i think it would make a great country song - someone just needs to strum along on a guitar to the rhythm of the words. 

I used to wear a suit and tie
I sat in an office & watched years go by
It was my life
It was a lie
When I had to wear that suit and tie

When I was young, I had a plan
Of what I’d be when grown a man
It was a dream
That I let die
And so I donned a suit and tie

I longed to write in verse or song
And when it’d play, they’d sing along
It was kept quiet
I was too shy
I had to wear a suit and tie
 So for a while I tried to teach
The only stage within my reach
It didn’t work
Despite my try
I resigned myself to suit and tie

After 30 years in management
It paid the bills; it paid the rent
It dawned on me
And I knew why
I couldn’t wear that suit and tie

And so here I sit with pen in hand
Trying to get back to my boyhood plan
I write for me
With writing I fly
And I no longer don that old suit and tie

Mdailey 2/21/10

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  1. You should get Jesse to strum along and then you guys could record the song!