Thursday, February 18, 2010


I wrote this for a friend who appears to be going crazy due to all the snow the DC area had and the closure of work and school and roads and just about any other thing you would think of.  She had to run outside in the snow but first had to clear a narrow path to do so.  And she kept everyone entertained with her videos of coping with the situation.

She llloooves how running shoes will smell
Not just her’s; other’s as well
It’s really not that hard to tell
That girl’s got cabin fever

She llloooves to post those videos
Of her outside in running clothes
With frozen fingers; frozen toes
That girl’s got cabin fever

She llloooves to tell of work undone
Her discontent of treadmill runs
Her longing for a warming sun
That girl’s got cabin fever

I think perhaps she’s flipped her lid
From all those things she wished she’d did
She tries so hard to keep it hid
That girl’s got cabin fever

She’s just not a make believer
She needs a white knight to retrieve her
Come on guys, you just can’t leave her
That girl’s got cabin fever

Mdailey 02/18/10

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  1. Definitely sound like Becky. You've done a good job showing her energy and personality.