Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Buzzard, A Stork, & A Fish

Yesterday we witnessed a confrontation between a stork that caught a fish that was too big to swallow whole and a gathering crowd that wanted a piece of the fish.  I would have taken a picture if my camera had not broken.  Here is the complete story.  

It was steadfast concentration
A fish too big
A throat too small
It was dogged determination
A stork’s attempt
To have it all
It was a standoff confrontation
Between he that has
And those have not
And thus this presentation
To dignify
This fishy plot

A buzzard, a stork
And a fish by the shore
An egret came by
And then 3 buzzards more
The stork caught the fish
It’s too big to devour
The standoff began
And it lasted an hour
The stork shook the fish
To tear off a bite
The buzzards peered in
To keep that fish in sight
The egret just walked
Back and forth on the bank
Watching the buzzards
He’d have to outflank
Each time the stork
Dropped the fist with a splash
The egret and buzzards
All turned in a flash
But that didn’t deter him
He kept trying to swallow
And each time he moved
The others would follow
Each time the stork picked
The fish up in his beak
He turned and just stared down
Those birds so to speak
But one time the buzzards
Got hold of that fish
Then fought off each other
To get at that dish
When out of the water
The stork charged that crowd
Squawking and squeaking
And getting quite loud
So the buzzards backed down
As the cowards they are
They look mighty tough
But they hate to spar
So the stork just stormed off
A ways down the shore
After giving the egret
And buzzards what for
I never did see
How the story turned out
But the stork ate that whole fish
I would bet without doubt

Mdailey 02/19/10

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