Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Wedding

I attended my neice's wedding on 2 Jan.  The weather was cold but the warmth of the occassion and the love of the family made it all worth while. 

They dreamt of a white winter wedding
It came true – the town’s covered in snow
The excitement was going up daily
The temperature falling below
Minus 30 degrees with a wind chill
Noses and cheeks were all red
This was not how I liked my winters
I was thinking of this with some dread

The hotel where we all stayed was regal
All comfy and cozy and clean
Outside we saw more than one eagle
At one time I counted sixteen
The relatives came from all over
From east coast and west cost you bet
The farthest had gotten there early
The nearest had not got there yet

The couples’ true love was apparent
The look in their eyes seem to glow
But the reception hall still had to be set up
And we only had one day to go
The bride’s family all got together
And duties assigned to them all
The printer’s, the florist, the jeweler’s
And then some of them went to the mall

The wedding was held at St. Mary’s
In Iowa City - downtown
The groom and the bride’s dad wore tails
The bride in a flowing white gown
The bride’s family all cried when they saw her
The cousins were honored to sing
The wedding took place at the altar
At the altar they each got a ring

Then off to the “Old Brick” to party
A walk of three blocks we were told
The bride and groom rode there in comfort
The rest of us walked in the cold
While the bride and groom took some pictures
The drinking and music began
The former a little too early
The latter much louder than planned

We sat down for dinner and speeches
The best man and bride’s maid gave toasts
The talked of the love of the couple
And which of them could talk the most
Then with everyone out on the dance floor
The girls’ heels turned in for flats
The guys had all shed their jackets
And all at once we saw the bats

First one, then two, then another
They were swooping and diving and such
With everyone diving for cover
The bats were a bit much too much
The clich√© of “Bats in the Belfry”
Unfortunately came true that night
We tried but we couldn’t catch them
So we called in their local B. Fife

Barney brought Tupperware to contain it
But the bats disappeared you can bet
He said that he couldn’t restrain it
For he hadn’t brought him a net
When he left the bats came out of hiding
Back to swooping and diving for fun
With everyone trying to catch them
But none of them getting it done

Then all at once, the party’s over
The bride and groom slipped out of sight
The tables are cleared, the candles blown out
We decided to call it a night
They had dreamt of a white winter wedding
And a white winter wedding they had
In spite of the cold and the wind and the snow
The wedding was not all that bad

Mdailey 01/11/10

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