Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“No Pants Subway Ride”

8th Annual “No Pants Subway Ride”

It’s been brought to my attention
There’s a brief one-day suspension
Of the requirement to wear your pants and ride
It’s an improv-based experiment
To show there’s no embarrassment
And pants or not, you have no need to hide

So this Saturday, the 10th of Jan
Be you woman or a man
A lovely pair of drawers will hit the spot
Ignore the snickers and the stares
Act as if you had no cares
And ride the train as if you just forgot

There’ll be thousands round the world
That will leave their pants unfurled
And ride the train or metro casually
You can join them brave and bold
Sans pants as you’ve been told
Or once on board, just drop them gradually

If you are among the masses
Please show no bare assess
Wear some drawers in regal dignity
If you ride the train this weekend
Remember, no fair peekin’
If I see you, pretend you don’t see me!

Mdailey  01/08/09

If you want some ideas on what to wear or not to wear and you are not easily offended, check out the No Pants website from this year. There are pictures from the DC Metro as well as from trains and subways around the world. Just Google No Pants Day 2010

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