Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Edgar Allan Poe

Today (Jan 19th) is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday

I wish that I could write like him
A little bit morbid, a little bit grim
Now the chances of that are a little bit slim
But I wish that I could write like him

I wish that a raven would tap on my door
I wouldn’t get angry, I wouldn’t get sore
I wouldn’t ask questions like whatever for
If only a raven would rap on my door

But I just get a bunny, a turtle, a bird
All cute and cuddly haven’t you heard
No morbid or grim things uttered in word
Writing like Poe about them is absurd

So I guess I’m no poet like our dear Mr. Poe
For morbid and grim from me doesn’t flow
I’m just your typical regular schmo
But maybe the only poet you’ll ever know

No I’m just a poet down at the seashore
And I hope I write poems that you might go for
But Poe – he’s a poet so I’ll end this therefore
With a quote from a raven – Poe’s nevermore!

Mdailey 01/19/10

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