Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disney Love Life

I got the first two lines of this poem in my head when I went to bed last night and composed this before I could go to sleep.  Don't has me why - sometimes these things just pop into my head and I can't do a thing about them but write them down.

Is your love life like that of Aladdin?
Before he uncovered a lamp
Or maybe like Disney’s dog Lady
Before she encounters her Tramp
Are you living a life just like Snow White
With seven good guys all at once
Or maybe like Geppetto’s puppet
When he turned into a donkey dunce
If Disney is telling your story
Then pray that you’re just at the start
Be careful and pray and maybe some day
You will end up with a happy heart

Till then go on rubbing that lamp
And looking for your kind-hearted tramp
Don’t take apples from strangers
Be wary of dangers
And just let your love life revamp
Somewhere your Prince Charming is looking
And a wishing star’s starting to shine
And your hero is taking the booking
And everything’s going to be fine

Mdailey 01.12/10

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