Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Had a Bad Day

Did you ever wonder where the tradition of placing an angel on top of a Christmas tree came from.  Here is one theory that appears plausable to me.

Santa had a bad day
Four of his elves got sick
The trainee elves did not produce
The toys quite as quick
Santa felt the pressure
Down in his big round belly
His Christmas plans were turning out
Like undeveloped jelly

Then Mrs. Claus told Santa
Her mom would soon come visit
His stress was building daily
"this isn't my year, is it?"
He went to harness reindeer
And found that three were preggers
Two others had just jumped the fence
Where were those lousy beggars?

When he began to load the sleigh
One of the floorboards cracked
The toy bag fell to the ground
No longer were they stacked
Frustrated poor old Santa
Went for a cup of cider
And maybe just a shot of rum
With the pressure getting tighter

But the cupboard, it was empty
The elves had drunk it all
And hidden all his liquor
Those elves sure had some gall
Frustration ever growing
He dropped the cider jug
And scattered glass upon the floor
And even on the rug

He went to get his trusty broom
But the mice ate all the straw
Not a thing was going right
Then he looked up and saw
An angel standing at his door
He heard the doorbell ring
He yanked that big door open
And heard the angel sing

"Merry Christmas to you Santa
Isn't this a lovely day
I pray this day is going right
For you in every way
I've brought a little Christmas tree
And I, myself, did pick it
It's yours because you're Santa Claus
Where would you like to stick it?"

Thus began the custom
And why today you see
A pretty little angel
On top the Christmas tree

Mdailey   12/10/08

Please make this a part of your Christmas reading this year.

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