Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ocean Ridge Singers

I joined a singing group down here in NC (I was volunteered by my loving wife without my knowledge) and we had our winter performance last week and weekend.  I tried to capture the moment(s) in rhyme.  Let me know what you think.

The afterglow of the show still lingers
From when I sang with the Ocean Ridge singers
With altos and tenors, base and soporano
Alice conducting and Ruth on piano
We met every week for an hour long practice
But that Hallelu Chorus left my throat like a cactus
On the night of the shows we just crossed our fingers
That we’d hit all the notes for the ballads and swingers
Now the “12 Days of Christmas” was fun for us all
When everyone stood up and danced in the hall
Joanne’s touching solo on being a tree
Put a lump in the throat of that wee boy in me
And when Maggi Edwards got up there to sing
Her “Breath of Heaven” pulled on my heart string
“What Child is This?” – “O Holy Night”
“Ring the Bells” – they were pure delight
And while “Santa Baby” just made me chuckle
“Swinging with Santa” was always white-knuckle
I cherished the chance to sing with the octet
But that first night fiasco I just can’t forget

I’d like to go on naming each singer and song
But the rhymes are not there or the poem grows too long
As I said at the start, the afterglow lingers
I can’t wait for the spring and the Ocean Ridge Singers

Mdailey       12/14/09

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