Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember When

Remember when PJs had feet in their bottoms
You believed in old Santa when you first got em
And remember the time you thought you had caught him
Putting presents out under our tree

I remember back then with my older sister
Who got me to do things – I couldn’t resist her
“I thought I heard Santa” she said in a whisper
Putting presents out under our tree

Well the tree was way down at the end of the hall
So on bellies and elbows we made that long crawl
Thinking we’d finally catch Santa and all
Putting presents out under our tree

The tree had been set up for barely a week
And Christmas and Santa was still a mystic
So careful and quiet we both took a peek
To see who was out there under our tree

We must have just missed him for the presents were there
A train set, some dolls and an overstuffed bear
And Mom and the neighbors were taking great care
Putting presents back under our tree

They must have heard Santa and rushed to the tree
They were bigger and faster than sister and me
It was them and not us that year got to see
Santa putting presents out under our tree

So sister and I, disappointed and all
On bellies and elbows snuck back down the hall
Thinking maybe next year when we wouldn’t be small
We could catch Santa out under our tree

But sister and I didn’t try it again
We grew up and believing in Santa grew thin
But each year at Christmas I think back to when
We almost caught Santa there under our tree

Mdailey 12/05/09

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