Sunday, March 14, 2010

We are all Irish on St. Pat's Day

An Irish Wish

May there always be laughter
In the here and here after
May the angels protect you and me
May your wife so adore you
May your children restore you
May you live your life happy and free

When your troubles are mounting
May your heart just start counting
All the great things you have in your life
May you have a head start
With a smile in your heart
And the love and support of your wife

Mdailey March 09

Tis Irish You Are Today

Let me be the first to say
Tis Irish you are today
No matter your background
Your forefather’s way
Tis Irish you are today

And as Irish you are entitled
A toast – so come what may
St. Paddy sure will bless thee
For tis Irish you are today

May your mountains all be hillsides
May your storms be gentle rain
May your days be filled with sunshine
Until we meet again

No matter what this day might bring you
You will surely be OK
For you’ll have the luck of the Irish
Tis Irish you are today

Mdailey     03/17/09

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