Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Loved Women

I guess I had one more poem in me from Valentine's Day but I just wrote it today. 
I’ve loved women all my life
When times were good; in times of strife
I’ve loved women all my life

The first is unlike any other
That’s the love of son to mother
And then there’s that love of a sister
Because she’s family I must list her
Let’s not forget the love of neighbor
I was young; no misbehavior
And then in school the many crushes
Got me nowhere due to blushes
In second grade I loved my teacher
In high school-cheerleaders from the bleachers
And growing up there’s friends of friends
And secret loves that always ends
City girls and those on farms
I was smitten by their charms
I’ve seen the smiles; I’ve noticed flirts
And foolish loves that end in hurts

Yes, I’ve loved women all my life
My greatest joy; the love of wife

Mdailey 3/4/10

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