Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leopard’s 15 – Gator

I haven’t seen it but know someone who did
And that alligator makes mine look a kid
He’s long and he’s fat and often is seen
Sunning himself out on Leopard’s 15
His size can’t be gotten by eating just fish
A gator this size gets to eat what he wished
Just the other day, right there at the pond
A deer was just drinking and then he was gone
Our friend said she saw legs fly up in the air
She blinked, when she looked, he was no longer there
Oh – this gator is quick and this gator is mean
She said it was gruesome and almost obscene
And this gator she says watches people walk by
And they can’t see a thing except maybe his eye
For he’s hoping somehow someone may just trip
He’ll be there in a flash, get them tight in his grip
Pull them back to the pond and then pull them under
If you’re out on 15 don’t you make such a blunder
In fact if your ball should land in that sand trap
Consider it lost and just say “oh crap!”
So you lose a ball, add a stroke to your score
It’s better than going too near to the shore
For the gator is there though he may not be seen
Keep yourself on the fairway on Leopard’s 15.

Mdailey 11/15/09

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