Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Blessing

We will be visiting with our daughter in Virginia for Thanksgiving but here is an early Thanksgiving blessing you can share at your thanksgiving dinner. I wrote it for work but it works for family gatherings as well.

Holiday Blessing

Dear heavenly Father,
We are gathered here today
To bow our heads in thanks to you,
Respectfully we pray
Thankful for the blessings
You have given to us here
Thankful for the friends and family
That supports us year to year
Thankful for the folks at work
We couldn’t do without
Thankful for the soldiers
Who defend us without doubt
And bless this food before us
And all we do today
We bow our heads in thanks to you
In silence now we pray



AND – for a little lighter poetry – here is another Thanksgiving treat

Thanksgiving Waltz

This is for the older readers - - - with apologies to the writers of the Tennessee Waltz - - -

I was dining with my darlin’
On the Thanksgiving feast
When a ball game came on the TV
There were lions, there were cowboys
And what they were doing
My darlin’ explained it to me

I remember the game
And the Thanksgiving feast
And the way men were glued to the set
Yes I lost my little darlin’
To the game they were playing
At the annual Thanksgiving feast

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