Sunday, November 8, 2009

Babies and Pumpkin Patches

Where do these ideas originate? Sometimes it is a word or phrase I hear, sometimes it is something I see. Sometimes it is just nonsense thoughts that creep in when I am not thinking anything at all. I think this is a case of the latter. My morning walks have been on the cooler side with lots of heavy dew on the fairways. By the time the walk is over, I have verses running around in my head.

I never had “that talk” with Mom
My Dad was not around
I never heard how babes were born
I’d heard that they were found
Somewhere in a pumpkin patch
In the early morning dew
If you were quite persistent
You might find one or two
But each morning when out walking
I’d stop at a pumpkin patch
I’d never spied a single one
There has to be a catch
So I took my one and only
Out on a morning walk
We stopped there at a pumpkin patch
And we talked about “the talk”
Then I felt an arm around me
And I heard “I’ll take you home
You’re spending too long looking
And thinking all alone
Babies are not found out here
Come on – it’s time you’re shown”
That day my eyes were opened
And it’s really quite a view
I know those childhood stories
Are not exactly true
So now we are with child
And we’re thrilled to the bone
We have a lot more fun these days
I mean – who would have known

Mdailey 11/8/09

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