Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Socks?

One of my former co-workers dropped by to see me and made a comment about my lack of socks now that I was retired. We have a long history of trading jibes back and forth so I could not resist a poetic retort.

Me thinks that thou protests too much
Thou thinks of me as out of touch
Tis true that now I do not wear
A nylon or a cotton pair
No sock doth now adorn my feet
My toes have never felt so sweet
For now I dress as if unbound
I do not wear a button-down
No cloth is tied around my neck
To you I must appear a wreak
But know thee, yet my pants are short
To that I have no glib retort
The weather dresses me each day
No outside push gets in my way
For I've retired - am at the beach
Your jibes no longer have their reach
So socks be damned - I have no need
No dress code unto me impede
Better you should change your ways
In your own mirror you should gaze
Then try to live outside your box
And rid yourself of those darn socks

Mdailey 10/28/09

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