Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dreaded Stresshour

While traveling in the DC area last week, I remembered what I did not like about my former homestead.

Dinosaurs have come and gone
But one that ain’t gone yet
Is a special kind
I have in mind
That you all know I bet
He’s found, I swear
Just anywhere
There’s lots of wealth and power
I’ll take the blame
For this beast’s name
We’ll call it the Stresshour

Some people called him Rush before
But there’s no rush about him
He’s someone that you can’t ignore
Though some are sure to doubt him
He shows up almost every day
Most days from three to eight
He snarls traffic on your way
He’s the reason that you’re late

You never really see him
And he leaves no tracks behind
But you know it had to be him
For you recognize the signs
He’s there in glaring sunshine
He’s there in daytime showers
He’s there in every state of mind
He’s the dreaded old Stresshour

Me? I haven’t seen him
In really quite a while
I’ve moved to Carolina
I’ve got a new life style
But I took a trip up north last week
And my patience was worn down
The traffic moved at snail’s pace
I know he’s still around

Mdailey 10/07/09

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