Sunday, October 11, 2009

Behind the Scene at NPR

With appologies to Willie Nelson, I wrote this little parady based on a friends revelation from her new job at NPR.  It seems they use code to let the staff know someone is about to buy the farm.  this was a true e-mail (or so I was told).

Behind the Scene at NPR
(E-MAIL: “Dennis Hopper is on the roof”)

On the roof again
A code we send out every now and then
When someone’s life is almost near the end
We say that he is on the roof again
On the roof again
Let’s start writing bout our sickly friend
Who’s life has almost gone around the bend
A bio for who’s on the roof again

On the roof again
Like a band of writers, we check off the birthdays
Of our special friends
Insisting that their bio’s written our way
But today
He’s on the roof again
We’ve got a bio that we must amend
The life we live is writing bio’s open-end
In case somehow they’re off the roof again

On the roof again
As writers we must now attend
That bio that we have is really way too thin
And it can’t wait – he’s on the roof again

Mdailey 10/07/09

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