Saturday, September 5, 2009

Turtle in the Road

Driving home one day I saw
A turtle in the road
Thinking back a day or two
Of flat frogs and flat toads
I thought I must do something
To save this helpless turtle
If he gets hit and squished I fear
His insides will just squirtle
And there will be some turtle parts
From one gutter to the other
And thoughts of those flat turtle parts
Made me stop and shutter
So I stopped the car
And went over to him
Thinking of ponds and
Where he could swim
But he pulled in his legs
And pulled in his head
Did not move an inch
But just sat there instead
So I had to reach down
And take hold of his shell
He was covered in moss;
All green and did smell
But I picked him up
Put him back in the grass
Got back in the car
And away we did pass
My wife said that’s great
But no buts, ifs, or ands
When we get back home
You had best wash those hands

Mdailey 09/05/09

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