Thursday, September 17, 2009

Charity Walk

We attended a charity event on my birthday last Monday. There was a golf tournament for those that play (I don't as of yet) and a 3 mile walk for those that don't play golf. Pat and I choose the walk. The first hundred yards or so of the walk was lined with pink flags with names on them. We were told that those on the right side were cancer victims that had passed and those on the left were still in the fight. It was a great day for golf or a walk and the event raised a lot of money for the charity. Following the walk, I started composing my own tribute to the event. I thought I would try something different and see if I could compose something with only two syllables in each line. Here it is.

Pink Flags/Blue Shirts

Blue shirts
Pink flags
We walk
Time drags
Names named
Prayer’s said
Some here
Some dead
We can’t
Loved ones
Not yet

Pink Flags
Blue shirts
Why walk
Heart hurts
Too soon
Too young
Lives lost
We can’t
Those gone
Not yet

Mdailey 09/16/09

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